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You have currently CryptoRalph NFT in your wallet.

Thereof with the attribute "Zombie" and with the attribute "Alien".

CryptoRalph Token ($CRT)


Individual ownership of CryptoRalph, currently in your wallet, add up to days. This is counted since your first wallet connection on this page on .

Claim $CRT

Available (transferable to your wallet starting end of August 2022)

You can claim available $CRT once per day (maximum of 500) to be transfered to your connected wallet. You already transfered $CRT so far.

Sneak Peek - How it works

With connecting your wallet on this page you start to collect 5 $CRT per day for each CryptoRalph you have in the same wallet. Those $CRT are kept in your bucket and will be shown above.

If CryptoRalph is kept in the wallet he levels up over time from Standard to Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum. With a new Level also the daily token collect is increasing:

Longer thanLevelCollect
0 daysStandard5 $CRT / day
30 dayBronze6 $CRT / day
90 daysSilver8 $CRT / day
180 daysGold11 $CRT / day
360 daysPlatinum15 $CRT / day

There will be airdrops of $CRT from time to time targeting specific traits only. Sometimes we might give a hint here, on Twitter or in Discord ;-)

In August you also will then be able to transfer your $CRT to your wallet, which will enable you to use them in the Store or for other purposes.

$CRT will seriously increase the experience of owning CryptoRalph.
But it is not an investment and has NO monetary value. $CRT is the utility token of the CryptoRalph ecosystem.